Lake Berryessa

There are many outdoor activities available at Lake Berryessa. The pure beauty of the Lake Berryessa area will capture your senses. The clear waters, scenery and hilly grassy shorelines are just part of the ‘big picture’ of the Lake Berryessa area. So start enjoying the area!

Click on the Lake Berryessa map below to access lake information about boating, campinghiking trails, and where to launch your boat at a lake boat ramp. 

Need boat storage or repair? Or wish to enjoy the lake views? How about a visit to a nearby lake winery?  Hmm. How about taking your 4×4 on a OHV trail? This and much more is available at Lake Berryessa …

Please note: No gas stations are located at Lake Berryessa. 

Lake Berryessa Access Lake Map

Click interactive Lake Berryessa Map for further information:

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Public Boat Ramp

OHV Recreational Area

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